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2020 SPSP & APA Division 8 Fellows Announced

Congratulations to the 2020 SPSP and APA Division 8 Fellows! We applaud your extraordinary, distinctive, and longstanding contributions to the science of personality and social psychology.
2020 SPSP Fellows
Evan P. Apfelbaum

Evan P. Apfelbaum

Photo of  Claudia Brumbaugh

Claudia Brumbaugh

Photo of Joseph Cesario

Joseph Cesario

Photo of  Paul Eastwick

Paul Eastwick

Photo of Martin Hagger

Martin Hagger

Photo of  Crystal C. Hall

Crystal C. Hall

Photo of Marie Helweg-Larsen

Marie Helweg-Larsen

Photo of Charles T. Hill

Charles T. Hill

Photo of Crystal L. Hoyt

Crystal L. Hoyt

Photo of Michael W. Kraus

Michael W. Kraus

Photo of Kristin Lane

Kristin Lane

Photo of Sher R. Levy

Sher R. Levy

Photo of  Heather C. Lench

Heather C. Lench

Photo of Debra Lieberman

Debra Lieberman

Photo of Arthur G. Miller

Arthur G. Miller

Photo of Kristin Pauker

Kristin Pauker

Photo of William Pedersen

William Pedersen

Photo of Jason Plaks

Jason Plaks

Photo of Brad Sagarin

Brad Sagarin

Photo of Sunita Sah

Sunita Sah

Photo of Simone Schnall

Simone Schnall

Photo of Mark Seery

Mark Seery

Photo of Richard B. Slatcher

Richard B. Slatcher

Photo of Christopher J. Soto

Christopher J. Soto

Photo of Tessa West

Tessa West

Photo of Cynthia Willis Esqueda

Cynthia Willis Esqueda

Photo of Robb Willer

Robb Willer

2020 APA Division 8 Fellows
Photo of Adrienne Carter-Sowell

Adrienne Carter-Sowell

Photo of Douglas Gentile

Douglas Gentile

Photo of Margaret Kovera

Margaret Kovera


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